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Tip: Westlaw NZ and ProView Integration - Why are there more results in ProView?

Last Published: March 22, 2018

Question:  Why are there more results showing under ProView than in Westlaw for my search words?

Answer:  ProView searches differently to Westlaw as has different results because:



• Westlaw gives results based on the number of documents containing your search word/s or phrase

• ProView displays the number of times your search terms have appeared in a portion of text (eg a single paragraph within commentary)

• ProView gives you results for each word in its pluralised and singular form, regardless if you are already using the pluralised form. e.g. 'Children' will give you hits for 'Child' and 'Child's' and 'Children' 'Children's'

• Westlaw gives you results in pluralised and singular form, however if you use the pluralised form it will not give you the singular form as well.  For example 'Children' will only give you 'Children' or Children's'

• ProView and Westlaw NZ publications have different update cycles (ProView is updated with the same frequency as the equivalent looseleaf or hard copy product; Westlaw NZ is updated as soon as new information comes to hand) – so the information that is being searched in the first place may differ a little.


Step 1.  Type in your search words or phrase into the Westlaw basic search screen.  Click search.  Your Westlaw results will be listed on the large centre screen as per usual. 

The ProView results will be shown on the right sign of the screen titled ProView results.


Step 2.  At the end of each heading within your chosen ebook, ProView shows you the number of hits and orders the results by greatest number of hits to least amount for your key word/s or phrase.

ProView hit results per heading.

Step 3.  You can see your search word/s or phrase highlighted in yellow/orange under the heading you have clicked into.  

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