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Sort by Most Cited & Citing References Count


Starting June 13th, you will be able to sort case results by most cited. Simply select "Most Cited" from the sort dropdown menu to see cases with the highest number of citing references at the top.

Additionally, the case results will display the citing references count to each case. Clicking this count will open a dedicated "Citing References" tab, where you can view all documents that have cited the selected case. 

To ensure the citing reference count is displayed, select the "Most Detail" option in the tool bar. 

"Most Cited" can be set as the default sort option for cases in Preferences. Navigate to Preferences -> Search -> Default Sort Order -> Cases -> Select Most Cited. 

Sharon Shin
By Sharon Shin
Product Manager - Westlaw

Sharon Shin is a Product Manager for Westlaw. She has over 13 years of experience at Thomson Reuters.

Sharon has held a range of product and commercial roles at Thomson Reuters including Books, Westlaw China, Westlaw Asia, Westlaw MENA, Westlaw Australia and New Zealand. Sharon is a customer advocate and is passionate about improving the user experience.

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