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Keen to explore cross-border guides for in-house lawyers?

Content updates

If so, then check out Practical Law New Zealand's latest toolkit: Key global guides for New Zealand in-house lawyers. The new toolkit will guide you through Practical Law's global resources most relevant to cross-border legal work in a New Zealand in-house environment.

Follow links from the toolkit to Practical Law's range of tools which enable subscribers practising across borders, and in regional roles, to quickly discover, review and compare information, and answer key questions, about doing a variety of transactions across multiple jurisdictions

The new toolkit includes global guides which comprise jurisdiction-specific coverage in three key areas:

  • Business essentials.
  • Legal systems and professional regulation.
  • Contract and enforcement.

Check out the complimentary toolkit here. Access to the resources listed in the toolkit depends on what is included in your Practical Law subscription.

For more information about Practical Law's global content, or to discuss a subscription to Practical Law, please contact Abigail Milburn, Practical Law New Zealand Lead.

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