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Westlaw New Zealand Tip - Benefits of reading mode

Last Published: September 04, 2023

This tip explains the benefits of reading mode for commentaries and A to Z of New Zealand Law.

Reading mode:

  • Allows continuous scroll navigation through the publication
  • Synchronised Table of Contents enhances navigation
  • Checkboxes for easy print selection

To activate reading mode, begin by browsing or searching a commentary service.

  1. Type in the commentary title and select from the suggestion drop down, e.g., Health Law - Public health - A to Z of New Zealand Law
  1. Click the plus symbol (+) to drill down to a chapter or heading you wish to view, e.g., Chapter 30.P.14 - Future Reflections. Tick the box next to the title.

  2. Select reading mode.

  1. Reading mode allows easy seamless scrolling through the publication while synchronising with the Table of Contents on the left-hand side.  

  2. Check boxes in the Table of Contents allow for selected printing.

  3. Click Reading Mode on the right of the screen to turn off Reading Mode.

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