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Westlaw New Zealand Tip - Locating Case Trackers (Tracker Analytic Tools)

Last Published: November 09, 2023

Wondering where the Trackers have moved to with the recent enhancements to the Westlaw homepage?  This tip will show you how to find them.

We have recently introduced some enhancements to the Westlaw New Zealand homepage.  As part of this redesign, the links to the Sentencing Tracker, OSH Tracker, Personal Grievance Tracker, Accident Compensation Tracker and the Resource Management Tracker have moved to a new location.

To access a case tracker

  1. From the Westlaw New Zealand homepage, click Tracker Analytics listed under Specialty areas.
  1. From the Tracker Analytics page select the Tracker you want to use.
  1. Alternatively you can also locate the Case Trackers from the corresponding Practice Area pages e.g. Criminal.

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