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Adams — Offences and Defences: Review of Crimes Act commentary

Content updates

The Crimes Act 1961 commentary has been carefully revised and rewritten by the authors to ensure it is completely current and accurate.

Crimes Act 1961

Commentary to the Act was reviewed and revised in October. Extensive new case law has been added, including discussion of Holmes v R [2023] NZSC 33 (sexual violation/absence of consent) and Kuru v R [2023] NZSC 102 (manslaughter/secondary participation).


Crimes Act 1961, Holmes v R [2023] NZSC 33 (see [CA63.05], [CA128.03], [CA128A.03], [CA128A.07]):

Crimes Act 1961, Kuru v R [2023] NZSC 102 (see [CA66.20(1)(a)], [CA66.28(2)], [CA167.23(1)]):

Please see Adams on Criminal Law — What’s New for a complete list of recent case law.

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