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Adams — Sentencing: New commentary

Content updates

Chapters in Adams — Sentencing have been updated to include the very latest case law.

Sentencing Act 2002

Extensive new case law has been added, including discussion of M v R [2023] NZCA 319 (presumption in favour of life imprisonment for murder) and Moore v R [2023] NZCA 286 (preventive detention).

Parole Act 2002

New case law has been added and commentary has been updated in response to the Parole Amendment Act 2023.

Sentence Appeals/Sentencing Levels and Guidelines

The authors have also updated these chapters with discussion of recent case law.


Sentencing Act 2002, M v R [2023] NZCA 319 (see [SA102.02], [SA102.04])

Sentencing Act 2002, Moore v R [2023] NZCA 286 (see [SA87.07B(3)], [SA87.08], [SA87.11])

Parole Act 2002, ss 107K, 107RC (see [PA107K.04], [PA107RC.01])

Please see Adams on Criminal Law — What’s New for a complete list of recent case law.

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