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16 July 2020 05:48PM

Pay-Per-View on Westlaw

If you currently subscribe to Thomson Reuters Westlaw products, you may or may not be aware that you have a Pay-Per-View option.


How can I check what is included in my subscriptions?

If you subscribe to Thomson Reuters Westlaw, you can check underlying databases for your subscriptions in the application. For Westlaw UK and New Westlaw, please contact Customer Care on 0800 10 60 60. 

Thomson Reuters Westlaw offers My Content...

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What is the difference between the eStore and My Account?

The eStore allows you to purchase Thomson Reuters products, while My Account enables you to view billing and payment details and manage online user access. You can access both the eStore and My Account using your OnePass profile, provided you have a...

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How do I gain access to My Account?

My Account is being rolled out to existing customers in a phased approach. If you have not received information regarding My Account and would like to use the platform, please contact Customer Care on 1300 304 195 (AU) | 0800 10 60 60 (NZ) or Care...

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What is My Account?

My Account empowers selected members of your organisation with the ability to view billing and payment information, as well as to manage user access for your Thomson Reuters online services.

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