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22 November 2023 11:44AM
Content updates

Adams - Criminal Procedure: Review of commentary

Chapters in Adams — Criminal Procedure have been rigorously revised and rewritten as part of a focused effort to streamline the authored commentary and ensure its currency.


Westlaw New Zealand - Quick Start Guide

This comprehensive guide covers all you need to know about conducting research on Westlaw New Zealand.

Case law,
Getting Started,
31 July 2023 08:13AM
Content updates

Professor Emerita Nicola Peart's August Trusts Law update

As ever, Professor Emerita Nicola Peart is providing more updating for the Trusts chapter in Family Property, including commentary on the Privy Council case Grand View Private Trust Co Ltd v Wong

04 July 2023 07:51AM
Content updates

Family Law’s Incapacity Commentary Goes to Conference

The Health and Disability Law Conference 2003 is being held on 3 August 2023, which includes, for registrants, Family Law’s Incapacity commentary for two major Acts, published into a book each.

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