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What keeps my data safe?

Firm Central™ employs a proven combination of data security measures:

  • Data is encrypted on our systems both in transit and for storage with the same strong encryption protocols utilized by banks.
  • Data is stored in secure Thomson Reuters data centers...

What does "online data storage" mean?

Thomson Reuters provides you with data storage on our secure servers while you create and revise documents on Firm Central as well as later when you save, reuse, and archive documents.

All interaction with Firm Central occurs inside secure hypertext...

System requirements

What about the physical security of the servers?

Physical access to Thomson Reuters data centers is tightly controlled through multizoned, multilevel access controls and monitors. Our data centers employ a third-party security firm for 24/7 security monitoring and event analysis.


What kind of power and cooling environment run the servers?

  • We employ an N+1 redundant design across our electrical and mechanical environments to ensure an uninterruptible power and cooling supply.
  • Utility power is delivered from two or more separate supplier substations.
  • Multiple cooling towers and air cond...
System requirements

What safeguards are in place for fire suppression?

State-of-the-art early detection systems are in place above and below the raised flooring in our data centers.

  •     Gaseous fire suppression systems deploy below the raised flooring.
  •     A dry-pipe system serves as an ultimate fail-safe measure
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What technical support do we offer Firm Central?

Our highly trained Technical Support staff is available and on-site around the clock every day of the year. More than 500 IT, security, power, and other engineers support the infrastructure.

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Firm Central Guide - Installing Desktop Integration

This guide shows users how to install Firm Central’s Desktop Integration which allows users to access matter documents, client communications, and contacts you have created in Firm Central via Microso...

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