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Alert 24 NZ: enhancements to Latest Gazette Notice items

Content updates

Latest Gazette Notice is a daily item published in Alert 24 NZ, alerting customers to new Notices published in the New Zealand Gazette.

Until now, each Alert 24 item has been published with a link to the category of each type of Notice. Selecting a category took you through to a list of all notices under that category. However, this was not a static list, so clicking on the category link showed the most recent Notices, regardless of the Alert 24 item date. And the titles of Notices aren’t always meaningful at first glance.

In response to customer feedback and to make the Alert 24 item more accurate and meaningful to search, we have changed the format. The Alert 24 item now lists everything published in the NZ Gazette each day, with direct links to the individual Notices.

We hope you find this enhanced format more user-friendly!

More information about setting up your Alert 24 emails can be found in our Alert 24 Guide. Alert 24 items can also be found on our News & Current Awareness page. The Gazette Notices sit under the categories relevant to their particular subject.

And here is a preview of the new layout:

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