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Legislation Act 2019 now in force (new Westlaw (New Zealand))

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The Legislation Act 2019, in force 28 October 2021, replaces the Interpretation Act 1999. The 2019 Act improves the accessibility of the law by incorporating the 1999 Act to ensure that the main provisions of New Zealand legislation concerned with Acts and secondary legislation are in one statute. Part 2 of the Legislation Act updates and re-enacts the 1999 Act to improve accessibility to the principles and rules of interpretation.

Thomas Joseph has revised and updated the extensive 1999 Act commentary for its inclusion in pt 2 of the 2019 Act in our Statutory Interpretation title. Commentary has also been included on new provisions (often based on Australian federal and state law) where there is settled and helpful caselaw. Statutory Interpretation remains the only section-by-section treatment of these Legislation Act provisions in New Zealand, and will provide welcome analysis for practitioners and the Courts.

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