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Is Pay Per View available on the existing Westlaw NZ platform?

No, we are no longer able to support Pay Per View feature in Westlaw NZ. If you wish to opt in for Pay Per View for New Zealand content, please contact your Account Manager to discuss an option to switch your subscriptions to New Westlaw New Zealand...


Are all international products available via Pay Per View?

Most international products are available via Pay Per View. There are some exceptions though. When you click on a document with the 'out of plan' sash, a pop up will appear stating that either "the content is not authorised under your subscription...


How long will I have access to a document for?

How long do I have access to a document?

A user can access the same non-PDF document within the same session (ie; staying logged into their platform) as many times as they would like.

What if I log out and end my session?

Once the session...


How can I check what is included in my subscriptions?

If you subscribe to Thomson Reuters Westlaw, you can check underlying databases for your subscriptions in the application. For Westlaw UK and New Westlaw, please contact Customer Care on 0800 10 60 60. 

Thomson Reuters Westlaw offers My Content...


How will I know if I am about to be charged for PPV content?

PPV allows you to search and browse most* Westlaw content without being charged. As soon as you click on a document that is outside of your subscription, a pop up will appear requiring you to accept the PPV charge before you can proceed to the...


What is Pay Per View? How does it work?

Pay-Per-View(PPV) allows you to view content not covered by your subscriptions and you will be charged a transaction fee each time you view a document. 

With your annual subscriptions you have unlimited access to content inside your subscription...


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