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Read through a list of frequently asked questions from our customers and prospects.

Product questions

Can I use ProView on my smartphone?

Yes, ProView is now available on Apple iPhones by installing the smartphone-optimised app from the Apple App Store.

The ProView app in the Apple App Store

Other smartphone devices are not currently supported.


Now your library fits in your pocket
Conveniently reference Thomson Reuters ProView eBooks with your iPhone anytime, anywhere. Experience our market-leading eReader technology optimised for a smartphone screen, with all the ProView features and functionality professionals rely on to do their work better and faster.

Resume your work while on the go

  • Seamlessly pick up where you left off with your Recent Activity feed for quick reference to recent research. ProView synchronises activity across your devices, giving greater continuity and mobility to finish your tasks.

Quickly access content you need

  • Easily find a title by name or author, search across your library for relevant content, or navigate a title’s table of contents to locate the answers you need.

Leverage your productivity tools

  • Confidently work with the same ProView features and functionality you are familiar with, including the ability to create annotations and share content and links.


ProView for iPhone - Home Screen  ProView for iPhone - Table of Contents  ProView for iPhone - Reading eBooks ProView for iPhone - Features

What are the expiry limits for the history feature in ProView?

iPad - 2 weeks with a maximum of 8000 history items stored across all titles.

Desktop & Android (Mac & Windows) - 2 weeks with a maximum of 100 history items stored per title.

Browser - there is no persistence of history across sessions.  Once you log out from the Web App and log back in the history will be empty.

I’d like to see a demonstration/sample before I commit to purchase

Contact your account manager directly or call Customer Care on 0800 10 60 60. You can also email us at Your account manager will contact you shortly to discuss further or arrange a meeting.

Can I share my eBook or eSub with others?

Each title purchased can only be linked to one OnePass profile; keeping your personal notes and annotations secure.

If you don’t need the eBook or eSub anymore and want to permanently pass it over to another OnePass user, call us on 0800 10 60 60 to find out if this is possible based on the type of purchase made.

Can I order additional titles for myself or for my clients/members/colleagues?

Of course! Simply tell us the OnePass username(s) for which to link the additional titles and we’ll take care of this for you. If this information is not available, the users will be provided with a comprehensive welcome email to assist in adding the new purchases to their existing ProView library. This process applies equally to current titles and those with future release dates.

If you provide a list of email addresses for your ProView users, we can also send a notification advertising the availability of the new titles. This way, all can experience an immediate benefit from the additional material available in their library.

I want multiple copies of the same eBook/eSub for my clients/members/colleagues; is that possible?

Absolutely! Speak to your account manager to discuss options! Customised content/covers could also be possible!

Tell us the details of each user needing an eBook/eSub and we can email each of them separately with their registration key and provide instruction on how to install. We can also send you a list of the registration keys for each user for your own records.

If you don’t know who you want to give your purchased title to yet, that’s okay! We’ll email you a list of ProView registration keys to distribute to users yourself, when you’re ready to do so. We’ll also send you an email template to use that will explain to your users how to register with OnePass and how to load their eBook.

Can I access my eBooks/eSubs on my PC/laptop and on my tablet or iPhone at the same time?
  • Yes! You’ll need to be connected to the internet for your notes and annotations to sync across your PC/laptop, tablet, and iPhone; changes sync across your devices approximately every 10 minutes
  • An individual user can access his/her ProView titles on up to 4 different devices (eg iPad, office PC, home PC, and one more!).
Will I always need an internet connection to use ProView?

You will need an internet connection to:

  • access ProView via web browser
  • register ProView with OnePass
  • download ProView to your tablet (iPad or Android), iPhone, or desktop (PC, laptop, Mac)
  • download titles to your ProView library if access using a tablet or desktop
  • download content updates for your eSubs (updating digital “looseleafs”)
  • sync your eBooks/eSubs, and/or your notes & annotations
  • download ProView upgrades

Once ProView is installed and your titles downloaded to your ProView library, you do not need an internet connection to view and use your titles via tablet or on your desktop.

How do I access ProView and on which devices?

ProView can be accessed online or through a number of installed applications which include support for offline access. The ProView applications have been optimised for use on mobile devices.

Online access:

Installed applications, including offline access:

Note: If offline access is required, online access will be required to download the titles to your device before going offline.

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