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Westlaw NZ Tip - How to Create a Quick Link

The Quick Links functionality in Westlaw NZ provides the ability to create a  one-click access to content from the Westlaw NZ homepage. You link to a document such as an Act’s analysis (list of sections), or to a product title or to a search template.  You need a OnePass username and password to use this feature.

To Create a Quick Link

Step 1: Log into Westlaw NZ
Step 2: Click on the + plus signs in the Table of Contents to locate the Product, Chapter or Document you want to link to eg Adam on Criminal Law.
Step 3: Click on the yellow star Quick Link symbol and enter a name into the dialogue box.

18-03-2016 4-30-49 PM

Step 4: The newly created Quick Link will now be displayed in the left hand pane on the homepage.

18-03-2016 4-31-05 PM
Step 5: Click the link to search and browse the product.

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By Janina Leuii

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