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Westlaw NZ Tip - The source of case law

Case law Thomson Reuters NZ

We often get asked about the source of our case law information.

The short answer is that it comes direct from our New Zealand courts and tribunals.

The longer answer is to download this pdf giving the complete list: Case law source list

Interpreting entries on the list

Where you see an entry similar to this:

Children and Young Persons Court (selected, 1986-1988)

This indicates that Westlaw NZ has cases from the Children & Young Persons Court, but they are selected cases from 1986 to 1988.  That particular Court no longer exists, which is why it is a short time frame.

Coroners Court (selected, 2003-)

This indicates that Westlaw NZ has cases from the Coroners Court starting from 2003. They are selected rather than all cases, and because the Court is in use, there is no close off year.

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By Patricia Veen

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