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Checkpoint - Getting Started with Searching (4:07 min)

Learn how to get started with searching in Checkpoint.

Features & Functionality,
Checkpoint - Getting Started: Activate your Access (2:36 min)

Learn how to activate your Checkpoint access and login via OnePass.

Features & Functionality
Checkpoint - Finding Your Way Around Checkpoint (4:48 min)

Learn how to navigate and get a basic understanding of Checkpoint.

Features & Functionality
Checkpoint - Tips for Effective Searching (3:26 min)

Learn effective ways to search in Checkpoint.

Features & Functionality
Checkpoint - Terms and Connectors Searching (3:38 min)

Learn how to build your search with Terms and Connectors.

Features & Functionality
Checkpoint - Run an easy to use Natural Language Search (2:08 min)

Learn how to conduct an easy to use natural language search where Checkpoint does the work for you.

Features & Functionality
Checkpoint - Search for a Provision (1:58 min)

Learn how to find a specific provision, standard, or ruling in Checkpoint.

Features & Functionality
Checkpoint - Refine Results (3:01 min)

If you get too many results in Checkpoint, watch this video to learn how to refine your search results.

Features & Functionality
Checkpoint - Browse Products (2:39 min)

If you like browsing books or legislation, find out how to browse products in Checkpoint.

Features & Functionality
Checkpoint - Navigate Search Results (2:31 min)

Learn how to navigate between search results or move to related documents and information.

Features & Functionality
Checkpoint - Annotate Information (2:14 min)

If you like to use post-it notes or highlighters on documents, you can include these to information found in Checkpoint.

Features & Functionality
Checkpoint - Print, Export, or Email Content (2:35 min)

Learn how to save information or files, send answers to colleagues or clients, or print content from Checkpoint

Features & Functionality

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