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Practical Law Australia - Tracking Developments Tool

Did you know that the Tracking Developments tool can help you find Employment law cases with comparable facts to the case you are working on?

What is the Tracking Developments tool?

Our team of legal writers break down the practical implications of these cases as well as linking out to other resources providing guidance on steps to take if you face a similar situation. This allows you to understand how the general principles have been applied in different circumstances (and may be applied moving forward to your legal problem). In some circumstances, the decisions are sorted by the court or tribunal’s finding; in others our team has sorted the decisions by industry or by issues as they commonly arise in practice.

A link to FirstPoint is provided so you can access the FirstPoint summary and full judgment text (subject to subscription) and continue your research.  

How is it maintained?

Our writers are constantly trawling the pipeline of court, FWC and other tribunal cases, and determine which ones are interesting and factually significant. This means we generally update our Case Trackers (and any other related documents) within 48 hours, every time a significant decision is handed down.

The Tracking tool compliments Practical Law Employment’s Legal Updates. Together, these resources are intended to assist you in staying up to date on developments in the area as they arise. Our legal updates are also available in a weekly current awareness email update, available for a limited time on a complimentary basis. If you or your colleagues would like to receive our weekly current awareness emails, please email us at  

How is this different from First Point or case research on WestlawAU?

While FirstPoint is digested to a point of law, the Practical Law Employment Tracking tool assigns cases according to the fact scenario considered based on our writers’ experience of how issues often arise in practice. This allows you to quickly locate cases that deal with a similar scenario to the one you or your client is facing.

How can I access the Tracking developments tool?

They are centrally located under the Resources tab on the Employment practice area page.

Also, various Practice Notes, Checklists and Standard Documents will link out to the case trackers as relevant.







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