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Read through a list of frequently asked questions from our customers and prospects.

Product questions

What is the timeout limit for Westlaw NZ?

The timeout limit is 2 hours.

How to retrieve your OnePass details (28-3-19):

Forgotten your OnePass details?

  1. Open a new browser
  2. Go to
  3. Click the blue “forgot username” link – you will be sent an email with your username
  4. Click the blue “forgot password” link – you will be sent an email with a link to change your password

Tip:         If you have previously tried to log in to Westlaw NZ using multiple versions of incorrect login details, it is likely that you have been locked out. If the above instructions don’t work for you, or you think you have locked yourself out, please contact Thomson Reuters Techcare on 0800 10 60 25 (they open from 8am to 7pm NZ time).

Tip:         Your OnePass profile is attached to your email address.  If you have changed your email address since your OnePass was established, it may not work or may not accurately reflect the subscriptions you have access to. Please contact to let them know your changed details.

Will the Thomson Reuters Drafting Aide for Westlaw NZ precedents work if my servers are all cloud-based?

No, the Drafting Aide is not usually compatible in this situation.  As a work-around, some users have the drafting aide installed on a non-cloud-based server.  They complete their document with the drafting aide, then copy and save their finalised document into their cloud-server.  


All the precedent documents are still available, and you can still download them to Word – you’ll just need to complete the variables manually.


Tip:  If you are using Dragon Dictate, you can jump from one variable to another quickly by commanding Dragon to jump to the next square bracket.


Customers who are using Action Step will also be unable to use the drafting aide unless it is loaded on a separate computer.


Contact our Techcare Team if you need help installing the drafting aide or need further information 0800 10 60 25

Use our "Ask a Trainer" service by emailing

General questions

What are the system requirements for Westlaw NZ?

Updating System Requirements (30/6/19)

We have reviewed our minimum system requirements to ensure that Westlaw supports all latest browsers. Please see below updated system requirements.

All Users

  • High-speed internet connection ((4Mbs Download, 512kbps Upload ADSL)
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.0 or later installed (Some print functionality is lost with older versions.)
  • Monitor with 1280 x 960 or higher screen resolution
  • JavaScript and cookies enabled in the browser
  • Add to Trusted Sites
  • Do not delete cached files

Windows Users

Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7, Windows 10 running:

  • Internet Explorer 11 recommended
  • Firefox current version or Extended Support Release version
  • Google Chrome current version
  • Opera current version
  • Edge (Windows 10 only)

Mac Users

OS 10.5 or later running:

  • Safari current version
  • Firefox current version or Extended Support Release version
  • Google Chrome current version
  • Opera current version

Note: While WLNZ precedents are not compatible with Apple Macs, if the user is running Windows emulation software, both the Precedents and the Drafting Aide should run as normal inside the emulated Windows environment.

Mobile Apps:

  • iPhone (iOS 10 or later, iPhone 5 or later)
  • iPhone (iOS 9.0 or later, iPad 2nd generation or later)
  • Android (7.0 or later)
Is Westlaw NZ part of the international Westlaw platforms?

Westlaw NZ is a separate platform to Thomson Reuters Westlaw, Westlaw Canada, Westlaw UK, Westlaw Asia and Westlaw China.

It has been specifically designed and developed in partnership with local customers.

How much training will I need to use Westlaw NZ?

Westlaw NZ has been designed to complement the way you work and offers an intuitive user experience so that you can start your legal research immediately. You can also brush up your knowledge with useful Westlaw NZ resources including user guides, video tutorials, webinars and tips – all readily available in this portal.

Should you or your organisation require further assistance, our professionally qualified Training Team are also here to help. As part and parcel of the service, we offer a range of training options to suit you – from face to face training through to seminars.

Why does Westlaw NZ not remember my login details when I log on from a phone or tablet?

If you have your phone or tablet set to 'Private Browsing' the cookies that are used to save your username and password will not be saved or honoured even if you have ticked 'Remember my username and password'. In addition, live sessions will not be saved or honoured in 'Private Browsing' mode. You will need to turn off 'Private Browsing' to save your login details and continue browsing.

What training options are available for Westlaw NZ?

You have found your first option already. The Customer Portal site provides User Guides, Videos, Tips & Enhancement information as well as information on how to access your other training options:

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