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Enhancement to our online products - COVID-19


With the current ever-changing situation with COVID-19 and the resulting impacts, there have been a number of legislative changes made by the Government in response. These can be hard to keep track of, so for subscribers to our online products, Thomson Reuters has created a document listing all the Acts and Legislative Instruments and other Instruments in one place.

These are arranged by practice area and link through to the legislation contained in our databases or to the relevant government webpage.

The COVID-19 list is a dynamic document, updating whenever new relevant legislation, orders and documents are enacted.

Following is more information on our COVID-19 offerings:

  1. COVID-19 list of NZ legislation


The list appears in our legislation and commentary databases just below the What’s New. It includes a list of all legislation generated due to COVID-19 (ie, changes to legislation as a direct result of COVID-19).

  1. COVID-19 Gazette Notices

In the Regulations of NZ database, we have also added some key Gazette notices relating to COVID-19 (this folder sits below the A-Z folders in the Regulations of New Zealand database):

  1. COVID-19 Legislation Modifications

We have also developed a clear method of recording temporary legislation “modifications” due to COVID-19. For example, ss 103 and 129 Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012:

We welcome feedback on these enhancements.

By Thomson Reuters

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