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Westlaw NZ - How to Find a Case by Title (2:09 min)


This video outlines how to find a case using a title or party name in Westlaw New Zealand.

Show Transcript

In Westlaw New Zealand, you can find a case by its title; you don’t have to know the whole or exact title.

Starting on the home page, in the middle of the screen, click the radio button beside “title” underneath the basic search

Click into the basic search template and enter the name of the case you’re looking for

I’m entering the full title to be specific, but you could just enter the word hager on its own

Westlaw New Zealand is not case-sensitive, and if the case title has a hyphen, Westlaw New Zealand will find this automatically so you don’t need to include that

Then click the search button.

As there are several cases with this name, there are several results.

Most of the results will be the actual cases, and if your organisation subscribes to Alert 24, there may also be results from that publication.

By default, Westlaw New Zealand will also look for the title you entered as a party name

Scroll through the results until you see the one you want

I want the reported version of this case

The administrative details about the case are at the top – just scroll down to see the wording of the reported version of this case.

Or click the PDF beside the citation to open a court-ready version of the case

We hope this video has been helpful.

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