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Westlaw NZ - How to Find a Case by Topic (4:03 min)


This video outlines how to search for case law using legal classifications in Westlaw New Zealand

Show Transcript

A number of results appear

Looking through those results, you’ll see that all of them will contain one or both of the legal classifications you chose

Several of the results contain the classifications you chose as well as further legal classifications

Notice for this case that of the legal classifications is Societies and Associations – Powers

At this point you may realise that this is exactly the classification you wanted.  If you click on that classification now, WLNZ will run a new search to find cases containing that classification

A new result will now appear
You can filter your existing result list from the classifications option in the left pane

Click the plus symbol beside Classifications – its helpful to increase the size of the left pane now

Scroll down to Societies & Associations, click the plus symbol beside that, then the plus symbol beside General Matters

If you click on the text General Matters,  your search result on the right will display only the cases with that specific classification
If you want to see a full list of the legal classifications, this is available as follows:

Click the Cases search template
Click the plus symbol beside BriefCase
Click the plus symbol beside Classification

A full list of the legal classifications appears on the left.  You can browse through this.

You may find it helpful to save the list of Classifications as a quick link.

To do this, click the yellow star symbol beside the Classifications title, enter a name for your quick link – Legal Classifications – save

Your quick links are available from the right pane
The list of legal classifications is available only if you subscribe to BriefCase, and creating quick links is a feature that is available only if you have signed into WLNZ with a OnePass

I hope this video has been helpful

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