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Checkpoint Tip - Creating Alert24 Email Alerts

Last Published: January 11, 2022

Alert24 provides the latest details and developments in key areas of practice.  You can set up an email alert for any Alert24 products you subscribe to, so that important updates are sent to your inbox.

  1. Select the Research menu option from the black tool bar
  1. Ensure option Content Type is selected from the Browse By drop-down box
  1. Use the plus (+) to expand the Business News and Alerts content type
    Note: The Alert24's you subscribe to will be displayed
  1. Select the Alert24 topic(s) you would like to receive alerts from.  For example, Employment
  1. Select the Alert icon
  1. Enter a name for the Alert and check that the email address is correct.  Set your preferred frequency and make any other changes if required
  1. Select Save Alert
  1. To manage an Alert, for example, to delete an Alert, select the Alerts menu option from the orange menu bar.

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