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Westlaw NZ Tip - Finding Workflows

Last Published: July 30, 2019

Westlaw NZ Workflows are designed to provide step by step information in the form of easy to follow modules about all the practical and procedural tasks involved in the chosen practice area. The steps within the Workflows link directly to subscribed forms and precedents.

  1. The link to the Workflows can be found near the top left in the black toolbar
  2. Click that link to display the available Workflows
Finding Workflows from the home page
  1. Then expand the titles by clicking the plus symbols to see the Workflows available to you
  2. Continue clicking the plus symbols to check out the key titles, click the text of whatever topic interests you
  3. Each key topic has a series of steps that you can follow
Browsing through the Workflow
  1. To add the Workflows to your quick links, click the yellow star beside the first title (the one that says New Zealand) – see image below
  2. Give your quick link a name eg Workflows
  3. Click save – the quick link will automatically appear in your list of quick links on the right side of your Westlaw NZ home page
Saving Workflows as a quick link

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